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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

I recently drove through Vegas. Their current add campaign is working because as I drove by the tag line “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” floated through my head. This is a disturbing marketing scheme that flies in the face of traditional family values. This tag line seems to encourage promiscuity, excessive drinking and uncontrollable spending. None of which is good on a marriage or brings lasting happiness. Rather large hang overs, sad pocketbooks and regret. The moment was great, but that moment passes and there is often a larger mess to deal with then prior to the reckless behavior.

Traditional family values, provide a safe place for kids to grow up, a loving supportive marriage and so much more. The traditional definition of marriage is tightly nit to traditional family values.

There are many non traditional families today, but the ideal is a mother and father with children. A child flourishes best when they have both a mom and a dad. (Plus parenting is so much better when you have another who gives support and help in regards to the children.)

I have a cousin who is divorces with two kids. Since becoming divorced she has completed her BA and Medical school and currently is working on her residency. I marvel at what she has accomplished as a single parent. She has a lot of help with her kids. In particular from a brother who really played the surrogate dad through medical school. But it would be so much easier for all involved if there had been a dad not just involved, but there doing that dads and husbands to, support my cousin and her kids. Instead they have been in a less then ideal situation and sadly to the detriment of her kids.

By no means do I think that all gays and lesbians are partying it up out there, but by allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry we are braking down traditional family values. Which have been a strong hold in our society and others literally since the beginning of man. Obviously sticking to the traditional definition of marriage does not guarantee perfect marriages and situations for all kids, but it at least provides the potential for that to happen.


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