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Old-Fashioned Values

Recently I have been thinking about infidelity. A friend knew her husband had become close with another women. This women was married as well. When my friend spoke to the husband of the women she expressed her concern that their spouses friendship was leading to infidelity, he laughed. She took this to mean that infidelity is just part of life and to be expected in a marriage. This is not where old-fashioned family values fall. My friend loves her husband, but doesn’t care to share him in this way. So who is right, my friend with her idea of being faithful to your husband or wife or this womens husband’s idea that infidelity is part of the game?

My friends marriage in not healthy.  As a result she needing lots of help in life and is not able to give back to society.  On the other hand I am surrounded by married couples in a committed relationship. Their excess energy goes back into strengthening society rather then fixing their marriage.

Elaine Dalton recently asked

“Could it be that we have been slowly desensitized into thinking that high moral standard are old-fashioned and not relevant or important in today’s society?”

I hearty would say YES to Dalton’s question. It is not fashionable or popular to stand up and be perceived as a prude, but it is important to do.

There are good people in same sax relationships that are faithful to each other….but I am not trying to say there are not. My point is that 50 years ago no one would have a debate about wither it was ok for a married couple to be in an open relationship. Those old-fashioned family values were seen as good. They still are good. Having marriage defined as between a husband and a wife still is a good thing. Not wanting to broaden that definition is one way people are trying to protect a higher moral standard. Even if much of society has become “desensitized into thinking that high moral standards are old-fashioned and not relevant.”


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What I fear most about the gay agenda?

There are those on one end of the spectrum who are attracted to those of the same sex and there are those on the other end of the spectrum who are attracted to those of the opposite sex, but there are also many who fall somewhere along a continuum between these two extremes. To add to this often confusing idea people sexuality is somewhat fluid so they can migrate along this continuum too.

To the fault of many parents this is a topic often misunderstood and not addresses. The power of suggestion is a strong thing. Teaching about homosexuality in the class room will encourage more experimentation with ones sexuality. If homosexuality is taught in our school system then indirectly teachers will be saying whichever end of this spectrum you fall on is what dictates who you are attracted too and act on that. But for those who don’t fall on either extreme, will be encouraged indirectly to fool around until they decide which they like better. I hate the fact that sex is seen as an “activity”, something to do rather then an expression of love, by many. But I also think same sex sexual relationships are wrong. We should not encourage our kids to pick whichever side they want. Rather parents need to step it up, teach there kids that sexuality is a fluid thing. If they don’t find themselves on one of the other extreme, in most cases, they have a choice to foster their heterosexual side. Though being gay is not wrong, we should not act on those desires because the traditional family strengthens our society and is better overall for our country, communities and homes.

There are fabulous gay couples out there doing good things, but the traditional family does more for the greater good. Keep the education of homosexuality out of the schools. The only way to do this is to protect traditional marriage (by passing laws like Proposition 8).

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The Fight for Traditional Marriage in Main Stream Media

I heard about the debate on marriage twice today in the main stream media. It got me a riled up. The first was a rebroadcast of Fresh Air on NPR. Terry Gross interview with Paul Weyrich. Paul Weyrich said, “when you have a breakdown of the family you have enormous societal consequences.” I don’t think we understand all of the kinds of consequences that come from this breakdown. This reminded me of a post made by Beetle Blogger that she referred to it as brain candy. In this post she shares a Libertarian view on the subject of legalizing same sex marriage. It is a very interesting read. Though the the conclusion by this libertarian is inconclusive. It makes you want to be careful before we go changing our traditional definitions. Traditional marriage is a good thing for our society.

In the Fresh Air interview, Weyrich went on to say, “Government should be directed so that it support the notion of the traditional family.” I really know little to nothing about Weyrich, and so I don’t know how he would recommend doing this, but I do think our government should support traditional family.

The second incidents of hearing about traditional marriage was on CNN tonight. They were talking about the battle to overturn Proposition 8 in California. Specifically that the California Attorney General, Brown is calling on the court to reject the initiative. I am not a TV kind of girl so this may be talked about often in the media this way, but it got me all worked up. I want to make sure both side of the issue are shown. I had to hop on line to say traditional family matters. It makes our society stronger.

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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…

I recently drove through Vegas. Their current add campaign is working because as I drove by the tag line “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” floated through my head. This is a disturbing marketing scheme that flies in the face of traditional family values. This tag line seems to encourage promiscuity, excessive drinking and uncontrollable spending. None of which is good on a marriage or brings lasting happiness. Rather large hang overs, sad pocketbooks and regret. The moment was great, but that moment passes and there is often a larger mess to deal with then prior to the reckless behavior.

Traditional family values, provide a safe place for kids to grow up, a loving supportive marriage and so much more. The traditional definition of marriage is tightly nit to traditional family values.

There are many non traditional families today, but the ideal is a mother and father with children. A child flourishes best when they have both a mom and a dad. (Plus parenting is so much better when you have another who gives support and help in regards to the children.)

I have a cousin who is divorces with two kids. Since becoming divorced she has completed her BA and Medical school and currently is working on her residency. I marvel at what she has accomplished as a single parent. She has a lot of help with her kids. In particular from a brother who really played the surrogate dad through medical school. But it would be so much easier for all involved if there had been a dad not just involved, but there doing that dads and husbands to, support my cousin and her kids. Instead they have been in a less then ideal situation and sadly to the detriment of her kids.

By no means do I think that all gays and lesbians are partying it up out there, but by allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry we are braking down traditional family values. Which have been a strong hold in our society and others literally since the beginning of man. Obviously sticking to the traditional definition of marriage does not guarantee perfect marriages and situations for all kids, but it at least provides the potential for that to happen.

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Civil Protest vs. Harassment

Their have been many sad events over the past two weeks since the election.  I am more and more convinced that the opponents to Prop 8 have quickly crossing the line from civil protest to harassment.  How sad it is to watch as people have been persecuted for their beliefs.  To taking part in the great democratic process of our nation and then be treated so poorly.  This is not what are country is about.  Rather then saying they have gone to far many government officials are taking the side of the opponents.  They can express their opinion that they are opposed to Prop 8, but they should also stand up and protect all the people they serve by pointing out that the opponents have gone to far.  The media does it too, slanting the stories in favor of the opponents.  It is simply infuriating to watch.

For a group that is begging for tolerance they sure are untolerant of those who disagree with them.  But it is more than tolerance or the lack there of.  It is ugly harassment.  Stop it!!!  Stop it!!! Express your opinion, try to persuade people to see why prop 8 is unfair, but don’t bully others onto your side.

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