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Is is fears, phobias and obsessions that motivate some to vote yes to Prop 8?

I think many gays want the right to marry, and they do not have an additional motive.  i.e. take away religious freedom or having all children taught about homosexuality in school.  Many same-sex couples just want to be able to show they love each other by getting married.  The list of concerns pro prop 8 have do not  motivate homosexuals conviction to not have Porp 8 pass.  But even if it is not the motivation there are valid concerns about allowing same-sex marriage.  It doesn’t take much to find documented cases of how many of the concerns are valid.

Possible some are motivted to have Prop 8 pass because of phobias and obsessions.  But I would say that is the minority.  I personally have fears, but not that gays exits and have same-sex partners, rather what will change if Prop 8 is turned down. Vote Yes to Prop 8, it matters.

Here is just one article documenting what is happening out there.


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Freedom of religion

Isn’t that why those pilgrims came here in the first place?

It is likely that voting no on Prop 8 will impact religious freedoms.

I am in favor of traditional family values.  Since CA has a law to provides same sex couple the same rights hetoresexutal couples, and prop 8 won’t change this fact.  So this Propositions is not about rights and equality, both already exist in California.  It is about preseving traditional family values.

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