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Wow who knew Alice in Wonderland was so insightful

I have to say I have become a follower of this great blog.  It tends to be filled with what is happening since the election, the author is prolific.  Typically I can find a few interesting threads that I at least like to follow is not add my two cents too.  But this author also is a talented writer.

But really I want to help make you aware of two very interesting post recently made.  The first was a link to libertarians  blog.  The second was a parallel to Alice in Wonderland.  If you have time I would encourage you to read both.


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Isn’t France supose to be the liberal ones

I just returned from my friends home for lunch.  We talked about prop 8.  because I am so compelled on this topic and thought I would share just one of the things we talked about.  I hope it is insightful for you too.

There is a youtube video talking about how France studied out the issue of same-sex marriage and concluded it to BAN same sex marriage.  As well as same-sex couples ability to adopt or use of reproductive methods.  All in the interest of the children.  There is a whole article on research backing up the idea that our children our better off in a home with a father and a mother. Granted people raised by same-sex couples turn out fine, but the research shows what is in children’s best interest.  A blogger Troy also has done a great job on collecting some research.

Is it ironic to anyone else the it is France that came up with this conclusion.  I have a stereo type that puts the French as open minded to all ways of life.  On the more liberal side of social issues.   I guess my stereo type is wrong.

Once again I remind you to vote yes to Prop 8.  Tell your friends.  Get the word out.  It makes a differance for us all–not just Californian’s but all of america.

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Happily ever after has changed…

One day you will grow up and marry a prince or a princess.  You decide.  Can you fathom a teaching or girl friend asking your daughter, “do you want to live happily ever after with a prince or a princess? ”  It sounds far fetched, and maybe it is in the near future, but will it be in a few years if prop 8 fails.  I found this article to be insightful and disheartening.  About half way down this article dives into different theories on outcomes of legalized same-sex marriage.  The ideas presented in this article are particularly discouraging, because many of them already are happening.  The “coming out” day celebration and first grade class gay wedding field trip already shows how close to reality the speculation is.

Failure to pass prop 8 will effect the entire country.  I will post more on that later.

Strengthen marriage, protect our kids, vote yes to Prop 8.  It matters.

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