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The Fight for Traditional Marriage in Main Stream Media

I heard about the debate on marriage twice today in the main stream media. It got me a riled up. The first was a rebroadcast of Fresh Air on NPR. Terry Gross interview with Paul Weyrich. Paul Weyrich said, “when you have a breakdown of the family you have enormous societal consequences.” I don’t think we understand all of the kinds of consequences that come from this breakdown. This reminded me of a post made by Beetle Blogger that she referred to it as brain candy. In this post she shares a Libertarian view on the subject of legalizing same sex marriage. It is a very interesting read. Though the the conclusion by this libertarian is inconclusive. It makes you want to be careful before we go changing our traditional definitions. Traditional marriage is a good thing for our society.

In the Fresh Air interview, Weyrich went on to say, “Government should be directed so that it support the notion of the traditional family.” I really know little to nothing about Weyrich, and so I don’t know how he would recommend doing this, but I do think our government should support traditional family.

The second incidents of hearing about traditional marriage was on CNN tonight. They were talking about the battle to overturn Proposition 8 in California. Specifically that the California Attorney General, Brown is calling on the court to reject the initiative. I am not a TV kind of girl so this may be talked about often in the media this way, but it got me all worked up. I want to make sure both side of the issue are shown. I had to hop on line to say traditional family matters. It makes our society stronger.


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