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text books too

In my post happily ever after has changed… I mentioned the gay wedding field trip with a first grade class in San Fransisco.  This was reported in The San Fransisco Chronicle.  A wedding is not academic in nature. I have to say I don’t want my kids to go on a field trip to a heterosexual wedding either.  You add the moral elements I personally have, and I question the public education system.  Granted we learn from the article that kids can opt out of these kinds of field trips and likely I would have had my children opt out of this event, but it is likely that text books will be effected too. Equal number of reference to heterosexual and homosexual relationships will have to be made. Think about it, for ever story problem like, “Mom has $5 and dad has $3. How much money do they both have?” There will have to be a problem like, “Dad one has $4 and dad two has $7…”  How confusing for kids. You may think, “OK California is going to have to figure this out.” But it will impact other states, because publishers are not likely to create two editions. California voters will impact what is being brought into classrooms across the country.

If this becomes reality publishers should have  references based on the percentage of homosexual population.  (According to various studies 3% to 5% of the united states are homosexual.   California likely has a higher percentage then this number.)  But still if this happens lets depict and realistic reality rather then 50/50.  Hopefully we don’t have to get there.  This is done by voting yes to Prop 8.


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Isn’t France supose to be the liberal ones

I just returned from my friends home for lunch.  We talked about prop 8.  because I am so compelled on this topic and thought I would share just one of the things we talked about.  I hope it is insightful for you too.

There is a youtube video talking about how France studied out the issue of same-sex marriage and concluded it to BAN same sex marriage.  As well as same-sex couples ability to adopt or use of reproductive methods.  All in the interest of the children.  There is a whole article on research backing up the idea that our children our better off in a home with a father and a mother. Granted people raised by same-sex couples turn out fine, but the research shows what is in children’s best interest.  A blogger Troy also has done a great job on collecting some research.

Is it ironic to anyone else the it is France that came up with this conclusion.  I have a stereo type that puts the French as open minded to all ways of life.  On the more liberal side of social issues.   I guess my stereo type is wrong.

Once again I remind you to vote yes to Prop 8.  Tell your friends.  Get the word out.  It makes a differance for us all–not just Californian’s but all of america.

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