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Happily ever after has changed…

One day you will grow up and marry a prince or a princess.  You decide.  Can you fathom a teaching or girl friend asking your daughter, “do you want to live happily ever after with a prince or a princess? ”  It sounds far fetched, and maybe it is in the near future, but will it be in a few years if prop 8 fails.  I found this article to be insightful and disheartening.  About half way down this article dives into different theories on outcomes of legalized same-sex marriage.  The ideas presented in this article are particularly discouraging, because many of them already are happening.  The “coming out” day celebration and first grade class gay wedding field trip already shows how close to reality the speculation is.

Failure to pass prop 8 will effect the entire country.  I will post more on that later.

Strengthen marriage, protect our kids, vote yes to Prop 8.  It matters.


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