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Old-Fashioned Values

Recently I have been thinking about infidelity. A friend knew her husband had become close with another women. This women was married as well. When my friend spoke to the husband of the women she expressed her concern that their spouses friendship was leading to infidelity, he laughed. She took this to mean that infidelity is just part of life and to be expected in a marriage. This is not where old-fashioned family values fall. My friend loves her husband, but doesn’t care to share him in this way. So who is right, my friend with her idea of being faithful to your husband or wife or this womens husband’s idea that infidelity is part of the game?

My friends marriage in not healthy.  As a result she needing lots of help in life and is not able to give back to society.  On the other hand I am surrounded by married couples in a committed relationship. Their excess energy goes back into strengthening society rather then fixing their marriage.

Elaine Dalton recently asked

“Could it be that we have been slowly desensitized into thinking that high moral standard are old-fashioned and not relevant or important in today’s society?”

I hearty would say YES to Dalton’s question. It is not fashionable or popular to stand up and be perceived as a prude, but it is important to do.

There are good people in same sax relationships that are faithful to each other….but I am not trying to say there are not. My point is that 50 years ago no one would have a debate about wither it was ok for a married couple to be in an open relationship. Those old-fashioned family values were seen as good. They still are good. Having marriage defined as between a husband and a wife still is a good thing. Not wanting to broaden that definition is one way people are trying to protect a higher moral standard. Even if much of society has become “desensitized into thinking that high moral standards are old-fashioned and not relevant.”


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