Wow who knew Alice in Wonderland was so insightful

I have to say I have become a follower of this great blog.  It tends to be filled with what is happening since the election, the author is prolific.  Typically I can find a few interesting threads that I at least like to follow is not add my two cents too.  But this author also is a talented writer.

But really I want to help make you aware of two very interesting post recently made.  The first was a link to libertarians  blog.  The second was a parallel to Alice in Wonderland.  If you have time I would encourage you to read both.


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Civil Protest vs. Harassment

Their have been many sad events over the past two weeks since the election.  I am more and more convinced that the opponents to Prop 8 have quickly crossing the line from civil protest to harassment.  How sad it is to watch as people have been persecuted for their beliefs.  To taking part in the great democratic process of our nation and then be treated so poorly.  This is not what are country is about.  Rather then saying they have gone to far many government officials are taking the side of the opponents.  They can express their opinion that they are opposed to Prop 8, but they should also stand up and protect all the people they serve by pointing out that the opponents have gone to far.  The media does it too, slanting the stories in favor of the opponents.  It is simply infuriating to watch.

For a group that is begging for tolerance they sure are untolerant of those who disagree with them.  But it is more than tolerance or the lack there of.  It is ugly harassment.  Stop it!!!  Stop it!!! Express your opinion, try to persuade people to see why prop 8 is unfair, but don’t bully others onto your side.

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Still not cool to say yes

Even though more than half of California’s population voted to uphold the traditional definition of marriage it still is not acceptable to stand up and say you are in favor of its passage.

Anyone have any theories as to why?

At first I thought it was people being polite not dancing in the street over the victory, but rather respecting the fact that some people lost and were hurt by the outcome.  Later I conclude it was fear of being persecuted for taking a stand.  But honestly I am not sure.  There are still many actively making a stand on traditional marriage but it is not helping them win in a popularity contest.  Other ideas?

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Forcing ones morals on others

I had a conversation about Prop 8 on Friday night and what has happened since the election.  We discussed what the “tolerant,” no on prop 8 crowd has done since Tuesday’s loss.  But it also involved talking about what our founding fathers meant when they originally set up the constitution.  This was because one of the people that was involved in the discussion is a historian by trade.  He brought up some very interesting points.  The constitution is actually meant to protect minorities.

We all seemed to agree that the LGBT is seeking social acceptance of their lifestyle.  The historian asked, “so is it OK to force our morals on someone else?”  Meaning is it OK for those who think sex should only be something shared between heterosexual couples and force that belief on others?  Humm.  Here is the point that has stuck out with me.  But isn’t the LGBT trying to force their morals on the rest of the United States?  So one or the other group is going to have to accept the others moral code.  For whatever reason I find this to be a profound thought that I have continued to mull over.  I am sure I will continue to do so.

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To fight a good fight

Wow, it is done.  I am just in relieved it is over.

I think prop 8 brought out the best in many people, and the worst in others.  People stood up for what they believed on both sides, exercised their freedom of speech.  I think both sides gave all they could.  I hope many come away better educated about the gay community and their side of things.  There are many wonderful same-sex couples out there doing good things in society.  Hopefully people also gained a better understanding why the traditional family is important and why people fought so hard to preserve marriage between one man and one woman.

It was a very emotional ridden debate.   It still is; what will happen to those same-sex couples who got married over the past few months?  Who knows.  Those four judges should take some of the responsibility for the mess they have created.

There will be other states and other battels as the gay rights movement fights to gain more acceptance in society.  At least today traditional marriage has won.  Thanks to all who have commented on this blog over the last month.  Regardless of which side you sat on, your words have made this a stronger tool.

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Sex, Lies and Videotape….

This is a great post from RadDad I would recommend taking a moment to read.  It is talking about how the no on prop 8 group has been feeding the general public a pack of lies.

I keep reading one amazing post after another out in cyber space.  I am going to keep adding links as I find them.  This leads to a post made by Abby earth and is about how the NAACP Los Angelos President was bought out by the No to Prop 8 group.

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Judges Rule

My latest soap box is about those San Fransisco judges who think they are above the law in their ruling on gay marriage.   I am not the only one, this video addresses the topic too.  The NPR show, This American Life did a radio show back in March of 2008 titled, The Audacity of Government.  The summary of the show follows:

Stories of the Bush Administration, its unique style of asserting presidential authority, and its quest to redefine the limits of presidential power.

It is alarming at how the president is trying to get out of the checks part of our government.  I think these judges also are pushing further then what was originally intended. My recent favorite person to quote it Orson Scott Card, here is more from the same article.

In fact, I believe that even those who absolutely believe in gay marriage should join us in opposing any law that is forced on an unwilling majority by the dictates of judges. For those that are wise will recognize that once judges are given such power, that power has as much chance of being used against them as for them.

…Gay marriage has been instituted in three states (so far) only by judicial decree, and without even the pretext that the constitutions involved were ever written with the intention of promoting or allowing gay marriage. This has happened even in a state (California) where a large majority of the people had already rejected gay marriage at the ballot box.

And so we go on.  Fighting the fight to preserve traditional marriage.  But should it also be a fight to stand up to those who are trying to take more from our judicial system then they should?  Vote Yes to 8, and show those judges they have to change laws in a more democratic way.

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