America’s push towards China

I have a friend from China. I met her eight years ago while she was doing a study abroad, in Washington states, when she was in High school for a year. I can vividly recall her explaining how the Chines government has an ethics subject for each grade. They learn things like: don’t cheat, be honest, take care of your parents as they age, the value of family, why having only one child is a good thing, and why abortions are good. Since the Chines government mixes in questionable values with lots of good ones, students don’t question that the ethical lesson is not right or an appropriate subject for the government to teach.

I remember thinking at the time, What!?! A government is teaching their rising generation the value system they want them to buy into. Even if part of that value system is a matter of debate and not a universal ethical value. At the time I was so thankful that I lived in a country that didn’t do this. China is a great place, but they have a ways to go before they measure up to the freedoms we enjoy in America.

When I recalled this story recently I took a deep foreboding breath as I realized America is pushing towards the Chines way. A way I saw as backwards and manipulative eight years ago and still see it that way today.

Obama is quickly moved toward repealing the Defense of Marriage Act which would lead to overturning the laws passed in 45 states to protect marriage and leading to the legalization of gay marriage on the federal level.

We need to take a stand and let our representives in Congress know how we feel about that.  Please take a moment to contact them.  Let them know that they need to protecting the will of voters all across the country.  A few judges in Massachusetts and Connecticut should not to force same-sex marriage on the entire nation.


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