The Argument for GOD

My husband TA’s a class. Last week they discussed the philosophical argument for God. A frequent approach that professors take is giving both sides of the argument in an unbiased manner and then working at finding holes in the argument.  There are other approaches too, but they each include presenting the argument in a fair way. The professor didn’t take this approach. Rather he presented the argument for God as weak and rather ridiculous. Even if this is how the professor personally felt, he was abusing his power as a professor in the way he presented the argument. Regardless of whether this particular argument for God is good or not is irrelevant. The professor had crossed a line. I would argue because it is socially acceptable to degrade religious thinking.

Now I find this to be sad and unfortunate. But what was more alarming to me was this; as student presented their thought on what made the argument good the professor would restate there question in a silly voice that brought laughter from the rest of the class and then would say, “that doesn’t work.” Never explaining why it didn’t work, just shutting the student down. That is one way to discourage class participation. Does anyone else remember being told, “there is no such thing as a bad question”? Not the case in this class. He made fun of the students because they were defending the existence of God. The blog Support the Traditional Family has a post called the parable of the popcorn

The post says,

As I have read about issues regarding the family, I have been struck by how easily many people degrade religion, marriage, and children. They equate fervent faith with uneducated people who don’t know any better. They present marriage as a bigoted institution that keeps people from full equality. And they present having and raising children as a waste of money, time, and talents. But I see them as…those who build their homes and our nation with great love.

My husbands experience in this class is just one example that affirms this statement.



  1. Pearl said

    Sad! That is a terrible professor. So much for respectful debate.

  2. Euripides said

    Funny, I just finished writing a blog about atheism that addresses a lot of these issues. Great minds must think alike.

  3. eze2009 said

    Typical professor, smart in the books of the world, but really just dumber than dirt.

  4. I think some have forgotten haw to have a good debate.

  5. busywithconviction said

    Rather then remaining neutral on a topic he was disinterested in and moving onto something he finds more interesting he ripped down anyone who was willing to try and defend the argument. Treat them in his responses as foolish and uneducated to think God could exist based on this argument.

    It reminds me of the day I went to vote. My friend and I went together to take turns watching each others kids as we voted. While my friend waited in line a conversation took place by her that went something like this.

    “I can’t see how any educated person would vote for prop 8.”

    “It is just backward thinkers that are unenlightened that will vote for this ban on gay marriage.”

    My friend choose to not pick a fight. They were obviously already decided in their vote. But it showed the sentiment that exist all around us. People who are willing to stand up for a moral value are considered uneducated.

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