The Fight for Traditional Marriage in Main Stream Media

I heard about the debate on marriage twice today in the main stream media. It got me a riled up. The first was a rebroadcast of Fresh Air on NPR. Terry Gross interview with Paul Weyrich. Paul Weyrich said, “when you have a breakdown of the family you have enormous societal consequences.” I don’t think we understand all of the kinds of consequences that come from this breakdown. This reminded me of a post made by Beetle Blogger that she referred to it as brain candy. In this post she shares a Libertarian view on the subject of legalizing same sex marriage. It is a very interesting read. Though the the conclusion by this libertarian is inconclusive. It makes you want to be careful before we go changing our traditional definitions. Traditional marriage is a good thing for our society.

In the Fresh Air interview, Weyrich went on to say, “Government should be directed so that it support the notion of the traditional family.” I really know little to nothing about Weyrich, and so I don’t know how he would recommend doing this, but I do think our government should support traditional family.

The second incidents of hearing about traditional marriage was on CNN tonight. They were talking about the battle to overturn Proposition 8 in California. Specifically that the California Attorney General, Brown is calling on the court to reject the initiative. I am not a TV kind of girl so this may be talked about often in the media this way, but it got me all worked up. I want to make sure both side of the issue are shown. I had to hop on line to say traditional family matters. It makes our society stronger.



  1. Heather said

    Don’t get me started on the media and their warped view of prop 8 and supporting traditional marriage. I’ve pretty much stopped watching any television news because they always refer to prop 8 as the “ban on gay marriage”. That’s not what it is. It’s protecting traditional marriage.

    I just posted about Jerry Brown on my blog too. Is it not his job to represent the wishes of the people? Did the people not vote twice to uphold traditional marriage?

    This is why it is so important that we stay on top of what is going on and not become complacent again. There are more people out there that support traditional marriage, so we need to keep our voices heard, because you certainly aren’t going to hear it from the mainstream media.

  2. I agree, protection of heterosexual marriage is simply the state regulating and protecting the unique institution that forms an orderly community and benefits the future of the society.

    Communities and nations survive where its participants act in accord with what benefits the whole, not the few. Some will argue that the state has no “right” to prevent a same-sex pair from forming a union. The very idea of the common good violates “personal rights.” But there is no “right” to a sexual relationship. In truth, it is merely a personal choice—not a right—that is circumscribed.

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