Wow who knew Alice in Wonderland was so insightful

I have to say I have become a follower of this great blog.  It tends to be filled with what is happening since the election, the author is prolific.  Typically I can find a few interesting threads that I at least like to follow is not add my two cents too.  But this author also is a talented writer.

But really I want to help make you aware of two very interesting post recently made.  The first was a link to libertarians  blog.  The second was a parallel to Alice in Wonderland.  If you have time I would encourage you to read both.



  1. leftcoastvoter said

    It seems that all too often, we run into this same scenario with the al-Gayda. When anyone tries to discuss things logically, these cry “you’re a meany” and run away. Or they get in your face and call you a bigot.

    Like this guy. Wow! Love an tolerance written all over his face

  2. Love the Alice in Wonderland post by Beetle Blogger. The parallels are so crazy!!! Very clever. The whole, ‘sentence first, verdict afterwords’ or, ‘vote first, campaign later’ strategy is so fitting of the No on 8 camp and their tantrum since the election.


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