Forcing ones morals on others

I had a conversation about Prop 8 on Friday night and what has happened since the election.  We discussed what the “tolerant,” no on prop 8 crowd has done since Tuesday’s loss.  But it also involved talking about what our founding fathers meant when they originally set up the constitution.  This was because one of the people that was involved in the discussion is a historian by trade.  He brought up some very interesting points.  The constitution is actually meant to protect minorities.

We all seemed to agree that the LGBT is seeking social acceptance of their lifestyle.  The historian asked, “so is it OK to force our morals on someone else?”  Meaning is it OK for those who think sex should only be something shared between heterosexual couples and force that belief on others?  Humm.  Here is the point that has stuck out with me.  But isn’t the LGBT trying to force their morals on the rest of the United States?  So one or the other group is going to have to accept the others moral code.  For whatever reason I find this to be a profound thought that I have continued to mull over.  I am sure I will continue to do so.



  1. Gay Activists are using donor lists to target individuals who donated to prop 8. This guy already lost his job this morning. We have to stand up and help support these people who are being persecuted for their personal beliefs in their employment. People need to know what’s going on.

    Who is next? Where is the image of love and tolerance now?

  2. Heather said

    I would agree that on the outside, it seems both sides of prop 8 are forcing their morals regarding sex on the other. However, prop 8 is not about sex. It’s about marriage. And because of the domestic partnership/civil union laws in California, ALL couples who register as domestic partnerships/civil unions/married will receive the same temporal benefits (i.e., tax benefits, insurance, etc.)

    Here’s where the opposition says “separate but equal doesn’t work”. Okay, but same sex couples are different than heterosexual couples. Men are different than women. Men cannot have babies. No matter what any law the legislature or judges pass, that’s Biology 101. So no matter what the opposition says, same sex couples ARE different. The laws in California have made it such that they have all the rights a heterosexual couple has.

    So what is the opposition’s true agenda!??!?!

  3. standingfortruth2008 said

    Thanks! I agree with Elton John, and keep your cheesburgers, I live in California and want a Pita sandwich.

  4. busywithconviction said

    The opposition has an agenda no dout. They want their lifestyle to be socially accepted. And they have a plan on how to accomplish that too. Prop 8 is about marriage, but one of the main reasons that we don’t want to share the title with homosexual couples is we don’t want that moral code taught in schools. Another is we want religions to keep their moral standards and not be at risk of losing their rights as a religious organization as a result of having the title of marriage include two adults vs man and woman. Our morals are tightly intertwined into this debate.

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