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My latest soap box is about those San Fransisco judges who think they are above the law in their ruling on gay marriage.   I am not the only one, this video addresses the topic too.  The NPR show, This American Life did a radio show back in March of 2008 titled, The Audacity of Government.  The summary of the show follows:

Stories of the Bush Administration, its unique style of asserting presidential authority, and its quest to redefine the limits of presidential power.

It is alarming at how the president is trying to get out of the checks part of our government.  I think these judges also are pushing further then what was originally intended. My recent favorite person to quote it Orson Scott Card, here is more from the same article.

In fact, I believe that even those who absolutely believe in gay marriage should join us in opposing any law that is forced on an unwilling majority by the dictates of judges. For those that are wise will recognize that once judges are given such power, that power has as much chance of being used against them as for them.

…Gay marriage has been instituted in three states (so far) only by judicial decree, and without even the pretext that the constitutions involved were ever written with the intention of promoting or allowing gay marriage. This has happened even in a state (California) where a large majority of the people had already rejected gay marriage at the ballot box.

And so we go on.  Fighting the fight to preserve traditional marriage.  But should it also be a fight to stand up to those who are trying to take more from our judicial system then they should?  Vote Yes to 8, and show those judges they have to change laws in a more democratic way.



  1. prop8discussion said

    lots of people talk about the rights that will be denied homosexual couples if this doesn’t pass. this is a misinformed argument.

    there is a good post about it here:
    (and it’s short)


    it’s also “children have a right to a mom and a dad week” on my blog. i would love comments and participation.


    yes on prop 8!

  2. beetlebabee said

    I just have to share this one with you because….well it’s been a long night, I went to a wave party at a very busy intersection and was mobbed by no on 8ers, (talk about hate) pshew, so I come home and there’s this video in my inbox from my dad…he’s an email warrior…it seriously knocked me back into my happy place. I had to watch it like three times. It makes you want to say, YEAH! and go vote.


  3. busywithconviction said

    Only a few more days beetlebabee, you can make it!!!

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