Things are heating up

I just got an email from my friend.  Her neighbor awoke to having the words “vote NO to prop 8” painted on their garage door.  They had a yes to prop 8 sign up in their yard.  Yesterday I heard about someone who awoke to swastikas painted on their yes signs and home.  My friend saw me sign waving with my two little boys the other day and asked if we had rocks thrown at us?  Oh course not.  But she informed me she know of two incidents where that has happened.  Wasn’t it the blacks and people who supported the blacks having equal rights who had rocks thrown through their window, mean signs burned into their lawns….Ironic when it is the opponents to prop 8 who are saying we are bigots.  Possibly it is happening on both sides and I only hear about what is happening to the yes group.

Show some restraint.  Be tolerant.  Let each side express their opinoin.  That is what our country is about.


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