Isn’t France supose to be the liberal ones

I just returned from my friends home for lunch.  We talked about prop 8.  because I am so compelled on this topic and thought I would share just one of the things we talked about.  I hope it is insightful for you too.

There is a youtube video talking about how France studied out the issue of same-sex marriage and concluded it to BAN same sex marriage.  As well as same-sex couples ability to adopt or use of reproductive methods.  All in the interest of the children.  There is a whole article on research backing up the idea that our children our better off in a home with a father and a mother. Granted people raised by same-sex couples turn out fine, but the research shows what is in children’s best interest.  A blogger Troy also has done a great job on collecting some research.

Is it ironic to anyone else the it is France that came up with this conclusion.  I have a stereo type that puts the French as open minded to all ways of life.  On the more liberal side of social issues.   I guess my stereo type is wrong.

Once again I remind you to vote yes to Prop 8.  Tell your friends.  Get the word out.  It makes a differance for us all–not just Californian’s but all of america.



  1. Laura said

    Yeah, the French set up this panel to explore the idea of legalizing gay marriages — a secular, non-partison endeaver to find out if it would be a positive thing for thier secular society… and the answer was no.

    Here in the US — in CA — right now, people confuse that supporting Prop 8/traditional marriage is somehow a purely religious stance to take because so many Churches support it. THey want to call us bigots and homophobes, zealots and fools who simply don’t understand or appreciate the concept of separation of CHurch and state. But try telling that to the French who have come to the same conclusion. It just doesn’t work and to me it further illustrates the legitamacy of the position we are taking.

    Christians have lost a lot of Street Cred over the last 8 years but that doesn’t mean we should ignore or marginalize anything and everything they get behind. On Prop 8, some voters my need to look past the messengers and really think about the message — the French sure did and it was children that finally won the day as I think it should be!

  2. standingfortruth2008 said

    Good post, Keep blogging. We are sprinting towards Nov 4. Vote yes on Prop 8!

    The Skinny on Schools and Prop 8.

    1 – Public schools in California are not required to teach anything about marriage.

    2 – 96 percent of California public schools teach a Health and Sex Ed Curriculum, which is my understanding is required under law (but I cannot find that online yet from the State, I am still looking).

    3 – If a public school teaches Health and Sex Ed, they are required to teach the following :

    “Instruction shall be appropriate for students of all genders, sexual orientations, and ethnic and cultural backgrounds…Instruction shall encourage communication between students and their families and shall teach respect for marriage and committed relationships.

    4 – This means that schools that teach Heath and Sex Ed will now be required to teach that Gay Marriage is the same as Marriage between a Man and a Woman.

  3. beetlebabee said

    well to hear the opposition tell it, you’d think we were the only backward country in the world that hadn’t already accepted the inevitable. Only five countries have legalized same sex marriage. France is one of the ones who studied it out first. They went to those five countries and saw what their choice had done to the stability of their countries. There are marked declines in health and family. It’s worth looking into, rather than just running full steam ahead into oblivion. I am always leery of people who want to guilt me into voting a certain way. It makes me want to say, so….what’s the other side? here it is.

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