Strengthened traditional marriage

I think this is such a powerful statement that I have to put it on my blog.

Marriage needs to be strengthened, not redefined.  Which version of society do you believe?  Which do you want?  Both versions can’t live together.  One version must dominate. This November, we are being asked to choose.  Would you like a crystal ball?  Massachusetts is on the front lines fighting in the culture war.  If prop 8 fails, their fight will be our fight.

Hopefully we do not follow in Massachusetts footsteps.  Vote Yes to Prop 8.  Make a stand!!  Strengthen traditional marriage.



  1. cnj said

    Just wanted to get your opinion on an idea that may or may not be a good approach. I have heard about people searching for proposition 8 in google and then clicking on the “yes on prop 8″ or “no on prop8″ paid ad links that appear at the top of the search results in google. Each time someone clicks on these links it is costing that campaign money. I guess clicking on the “no on prop 8″ ad is costing Hollywood stars like Ellen money they donated to the no on 8 campaign. I imagine if you were to break out the donations made to each campaign that the yes on 8 campaign’s donations have been made by at least twice as many people as the amount of people contributing to the “no on 8 campaign”. The majority of donations made to the “no on 8″ campaign have been made by Hollywood starts like Brad Pitt, Ellen Degeneres, and Steven Spielberg. Don’t forget the CTA, is it a bad idea for people who feel betrayed by the $1.2 million donation made by the CTA to fight back by clicking on the “no on prop 8″ paid search link multiple times each day? What do you think……

  2. busywithconviction said

    Honestly I have better things to do with my time. It seems dishonest in some sort of way. But I guess to each there own.

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