I feel compelled

I was picked up form the airport today from a friend who was very influential in my being more active about prop 8.  We were laughing about how we stay up way to late at night blogging on prop 8.  She said, “at night I am exhausted I just want to sit and watch something or better sleep, but I am compelled to spend time blogging about prop 8.”  I so echo her sentiments.  I need sleep.  I have been out of town for a week and my kids haven’t been getting enough sleep which means neither have I, yet I still up at night trying to get the word out on why we should vote for Prop 8.

Ok enough rambeling.  Vote Yes to 8.



  1. I feel ya’! Prop. 8 has pretty much consumed my life – even when I’m not blogging or making phone calls, it seems to be the only conversation topic in my crowd these days. Know that you’re not alone, and as we work together, we WILL make a difference! Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Laura said

    You are totally my hero! You’ve started your own blog to support the cause — how’s that for going the extra mile! I feel outdone 🙂 and inspired. YOu’ve really raised the bar.

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