Freedom of religion

Isn’t that why those pilgrims came here in the first place?

It is likely that voting no on Prop 8 will impact religious freedoms.

I am in favor of traditional family values.  Since CA has a law to provides same sex couple the same rights hetoresexutal couples, and prop 8 won’t change this fact.  So this Propositions is not about rights and equality, both already exist in California.  It is about preseving traditional family values.



  1. Matt A. said

    Prop 8 has absolutely nothing to do with religious marriage. It has everything to do with the equal rights of all people, even The Gays. We, just as you, should be able to enter into a legal contract in the same manner as you can. Our choosing of a member of the same gender, and their choosing of us, should have no bearing on that right. The California Supreme Court has ruled that this principle already exists in the California Constitution. Therefore, civil union provisions are unnecessary and irrelevant.

    “Separate But Equal” didn’t work with African Americans and it doesn’t work with The Gays. It’s a childish principle at its core, and it’s time we all acknowledged that fact.

  2. busywithconviction said

    Matt A. is right Prop 8 has nothing to do with religious marriage, but the impact of the passage of prop 8 will impact religious freedoms.

  3. Matt A. said

    the passage of prop 8 will impact religious freedoms.

    I think you mean ‘failure’, but in either case, no it won’t.

  4. busywithconviction said

    Yes I meant failure.
    We just see this issue differently. The following link has six consequences to prop 8. Points 2 thru 5 are about impacts to religious organizations. Now some of these are assumptions, but one pastor is Canada already has been sued for preaching against the homosexual life style.

  5. james said

    I thought this man pointed out some great points regarding the issue of “separate but equal” in regards to this proposition.

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