My amazing gay cousin

A little more then a year a go my cousin went north to get married to his partner, seeing he couldn’t do the deed here.   He is an exceptional individual.  A supportive sibling, cousin, uncle, son…wonderful person.  The marriage that took place in Canada symbolizes that my cousin and partner are committed to each other and want to be together for the rest of their lives.  This is admirably enough.  But civil unions would do the same, and the additional consequences to redefining marriage are many and alarming.  Traditional marriage is a symbol.  As much as I love my cousin, I don’t want what marriage represents historically to change.

Vote yes to 8



  1. Jon T said

    Your post summarized the Pro Prop 8 camp perfectly. We all have people in our sphere of influence that live the homosexual lifestyle. We respect these people as individuals and love them as friends and relatives. We can feel those things and still recognize that the traditional definition of marriage is the best option for our fine state. The opposition paints us as haters. We know life is more complicated than that and our love for our families and friends is broad and deep.

  2. Matt A. said

    Please define “homosexual lifestyle”.

    Thank you.

  3. busywithconviction said

    The way I see it there are variation of the homosexual lifestyle. But bottom line is anyone who act on their homosexual desires. Wither it is dating, sleeping with, co-habitation with people of the same sex….anything along those lines.

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